Project Opportunities

Poached Perfect

The egg industry would like to identify safe ways to prepare ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat eggs with liquid yolks. We are seeking innovators to join our project team to develop new approaches for the egg industry.

It's Egg-olution, Baby!

The egg industry is seeking new tools and technologies that can evaluate, predict, and communicate an egg’s functional properties to food producers.

Chicken 2.0

We are seeking creative, technically savvy innovators to participate in a multi-disciplinary (virtual) team. As a team, innovators will develop new solutions to unlock plant-based processing challenges and deliver concepts for Chicken 2.0. This opportunity closes on December 3, 2021.

Fermentation Innovation Team

Seeking fermentation, biochemistry, or processing innovators to join a virtual team tasked with identifying new fermented plant protein ingredients.

The Perfect Sip

We’re seeking a team of Innovators to investigate potential ‘off-notes’ or any flavor or aroma that may distract consumers from enjoying that perfect moment.

RIS: Green Tech Innovation Team

Seeking innovators and analysts with expertise in material science, nickel laterite mining and processing, and battery technology.

RFI: A 'Nickel' for your Thoughts

Rhizome Network is seeking innovations that will lead to improved processing techniques, resulting in higher concentrations of Nickel and lower carbon emissions, for nickel laterite ore.