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Rhizome Network

Innovators, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Engineers. Welcome. 

Rhizome Network builds teams of expert innovators to work on breakthrough ideas for your company. We manage the dynamic nature of innovation projects, from defining the opportunity, to building the team, creating technology concepts, through to delivering prototypes or scaled products. 

From energy to food science, Rhizome Network members bring multi-disciplinary expertise, deep insights, and innovative concepts to projects, helping you achieve your innovation goals. 

Problem Solvers Unite!​
…and we like you just the way you are

Rhizome Network is solving problems through a global innovation network that rewards great ideas without bias. ​

Diversity and equality is core to our notion that the best solutions need the participation of all kinds of participants from all kinds of places, creating a fair and equitable ecosystem for the evolution of the best ideas to improve the human condition.​

To this end, we have committed to the Diversity Forum Manifesto 2 and the Innovation Manifesto.

Meet the Team

Edward Jung.jpg

Edward Jung


David Kraft.jpg

David Kraft

Senior Advisor


Sri Divakaruni

VP - Business Development


Alex DeNooyer

Business Development Rep.

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