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The Perfect Sip

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Whether its a refreshing sip by the pool, porch, or barbeque, consumers desire the perfect balance of sparkle and taste. Sparkling drinks and seltzers are combing new processing techniques, formulations, and flavors to delight customers. Delivering high-quality beverages, perfectly balanced, is no easy task!

We’re seeking a team of Innovators to investigate potential ‘off-notes’ or any flavor or aroma that may distract consumers from enjoying that perfect moment.

As a team, you will review existing processing techniques and product formulations used to make hard seltzers, non-alcoholic and lager or light beers. Innovators should have a background in beverage manufacturing, processing controls, chemistry formulation or other analytical techniques related to UV stabilization, oxygen exposure, microbial detection or flavor components.

About this project:

  • The project is expected to kick-off in December 2021 and complete around February 2022.

  • 3 experts will work as a multi-disciplinary team to scope and define potential areas that could lead to off-notes, in collaboration with our project sponsor.

  • Working backwards from sensory panel data, the team will explore processing and formulation controls

  • The team will recommend new concepts to address risk areas that can be prototyped and validated by the sponsor.

  • Experts are paid on a fixed fee basis.


  • Contribute insights to one of the fastest growing consumer product categories in the world.

  • Translate sensory data to innovate new concepts with a globally recognized beverage brand.

  • Grow your network by collaborating with creative scientists and engineers from around the world.

Application Details:

Applying is easy. Just click the 'Apply Now' button at the top of the page.

In your application tell us your name, email, and give us a link to your LinkedIn profile. We may follow-up to request more information about your background and experience.

If you have questions, be sure to send us a quick email.

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