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Seeking Cool Tech. Seriously!

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Our client is seeking to develop new, reduced-cost vending and cold storage solutions (i.e. coolers) to protect shelf-life and showcase chocolate in hot, tropical climates. As part of a growth strategy for emerging markets, new solutions should have the potential to reduce overall cost of ownership by ~20% while maximizing the visibility of chocolate or confectionary products. Rhizome Network innovators will deliver concepts suitable for subsequent prototyping.​  

We are seeking innovators to join our project team to develop new approaches for lower cost refrigeration. A wide array of solutions will be considered, including design enhancements for dispensing treats, tuning thermal properties for warm weather environments, or improving power and operating efficiencies.   

About this project: 

  • The project is expected to kick-off in November/December 2022 and complete in February 2023. 

  • 3 experts are needed for this project, to help research the landscape of relevant technology, and develop new technical solutions. 

  • Experts with backgrounds in thermal management, cooling systems, and energy optimization are preferred. 

  • The team will research existing technology, develop new concepts collaboratively with our industry partner, propose new solutions, identify potential development projects, and describe the steps needed to test the most promising ideas. 

  • Experts are paid on a fixed fee basis.  


  • Develop solutions and innovative concepts as part of a team with industry partners. 

  • Collaborate with creative scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from around the world.  

  • Develop new technologies and product opportunities for the food industry. 

Application Details: 

Applying is easy. Just click the 'Apply Now' button at the top of the page.  

In your application tell us your name, email, and give us a link to your LinkedIn profile. We may follow-up to request more information about your background and experience. 

If you have questions, be sure to send us a quick email. 

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