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Seeking Innovators: Fermentation

Updated: Dec 8, 2021


The field of fermentation bubbles over with opportunities to improve flavor, texture and other properties of plant ingredients, with nutritional benefits that are attractive to consumers. It’s a win win, but not a slam dunk, given the challenges inherent in utilizing microbial fermentation in new ways.

This is where we need your help!

We are seeking participants for collaborative ideation and research projects focusing on fermentation processing techniques that lead to new products or functionalized ingredients. Our product interests are diverse – (plant-based) meat, cheese, beverages, dips, snacks. And the functional properties and benefits we hope to achieve are similarly broad – emulsification, foaming, binding, off-odor control, nutritional enhancement.

About this project:

  • The project is expected to kick-off in October 2021 and complete in December 2021.

  • 3-4 experts are needed to scope and define the technical challenges, in collaboration with industry partners, and develop innovative concepts as part of an Innovation Team.

  • Experts are paid on a fixed fee basis.


  • Develop solutions and innovative concepts as part of a team with industry partners.

  • Collaborate with creative scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Help create a sustainable food ecosystem.

  • Paid projects available.

How to Apply:

Applying is easy, visit the Opportunity Page and click "apply now"

In the application form, send us your name, email and connect us to your LinkedIn profile. We may ask for research or writing samples after reviewing your profile. We will select the team in collaboration with our project sponsors in late August.

We'll continue to post more information about this opportunity, and future projects with Rhizome Network.


Just send us a quick email. We'll get back to you quickly.


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