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Welcome to the 
Rhizome Network

The future of expert networks

Innovation Services

Our Innovation Services are designed for you.

Rhizome Network's expert members collaborate with you on a modular, project-based engagement.


Technology Scouting | Due Diligence

Ideation & Invention

Electronic Wires

Prototype to Scale

Find and Evaluate Technology

Leverage Insights and analysis from Rhizome Network experts to understand the technology landscape surrounding your planned innovations, or complete your diligence before a potential investment. Whether you are trying to monetize your existing technologies, or deep dive into the patent and non-patent literature as you plan new initiatives, Rhizome innovators have experience to share.

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Innovation Teams On Demand

Rhizome Network builds and manages multi-disciplinary expert teams to collaborate on your innovation projects.  We manage all stages of the project, beginning by defining the opportunity, selecting experts, leading ideation, and delivering concepts for technical unlocks or new products.

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Technology Development

Rhizome Network’s community of innovators includes prototypers, product development firms, and process engineers to make your ideas real. From first proof of concept to pilot production, we help customers demonstrate technology concepts efficiently.

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