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How Rhizome Is Leading Managed Open Innovation

The good news is Open Innovation is viewed as an invaluable resource, used by companies around the world. But choosing the right partner or innovation platform is difficult. Not all open innovation providers are the same. Some differentiate by skills or challenges areas (i.e. consumer product, or software-focused, design-focused, etc.), and reward structures.

At Rhizome Network, we believe customers and innovators are most successful when using a Managed Open Innovation Service that connects companies and expert innovators. Our projects tend to focus on creating deep technical unlocks, in areas ranging from food chemistry and processing, to materials used in energy. But, we like consumer products too!

How Managed Open Innovation compares with Crowd Sourcing:

Rhizome Network actively recruits innovators from our existing network, and invites new members, to curate a multi-disciplinary team of proven innovators for every project.

For innovators, Rhizome Network uniquely offers our experts an ability to connect directly with customers and partners, from problem definition stage through ideation and often into commercial planning. Such close engagements, real-time interactions, and co-creation activities between innovators and customers is generally not offered by other crowd services. Our innovators report their direct access to customers, and the skills brought by other experts from our network, leads to a collaborative, multi-disciplinary experience.

For customers, Rhizome Network eliminates many of the challenges and barriers to engaging with Open Innovation platforms. We provide an opportunity for your team to dive deeper into challenges, while maintaining confidentiality and IP ownership. The collaboration between your experts and the network members, leads to new perspectives and technical unlocks, delivered by a multi-disciplinary team. Let us help you accelerate your innovation roadmap.

Come join our network! We encourage you to sign-up for new opportunities, learn about projects, or share your own innovation stories. Reach out to us at

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