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Ted Leung

Rhizome Network, VP - Engineering

Ted Leung is Vice President of Engineering at Rhizome Network and is leading the development of our network platform. His responsibilities include software engineering, product management, and design.

Ted has had a broad spectrum of experience in software development, including executive positions at Sun Microsystems, The Walt Disney Company, and New Alchemy.  Over the course of his time as an individual contributor, Ted worked at Taligent, Apple, and IBM.

During his 25+ year career in software, his work has covered many areas of technology including object-oriented databases and operating systems, XML, Personal Digital Assistants, Programming Languages, the Internet of Things, and Blockchain.  Some of his work has resulted in several patents.  He has worked in and managed globally distributed teams, grown teams for hypergrowth projects/companies, and is equally comfortable in companies of 10 and in the Fortune 100.  Ted was involved in the early days of the open-source movement, was an early member of the Apache Software Foundation, and has been influential in several open source communities.

Ted holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and did graduate work at Brown University, including a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

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